(1) 1hr Lesson

(1) 1hr Guided Practice 

Total Value- $170

(3) 1hr Lessons 

(1) 1hr Guided Practice

Total Value- $410

(4) 1hr Lessons 

(2) 1hr Guided Practices

Total Value- $580

(5) 1hr Lessons 

(3) 1hr Guided Practices

Total Value- $750

1hr Lessons

Specializing in individualized skill development, rather than simply focusing on the complexities of swing mechanics, PGA Professional Nick Teodosio connects with students on a level that brings eye-opening context to their understanding of the game. His relaxed teaching approach touches on simple truths about the swing that can easily transform the frustrated high-handicapper into a more confident player, as well as take the game of the experienced golfer to the next level.


1hr Guided Practice

Making improvements to anyone's golf game requires practice. Most golfers do not practice properly or efficiently. A 1 Hr Guided Practice is perfect for golfers committed to improving their game. During this hour, golfers will receive a 15-minute session with a PGA Professional Teacher, to work on one aspect of their game. They will then have the remaining 45 minutes to apply the planned practice session, tailored specifically to their swing.